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MAHLE 930285017 Pistons kit 99.50mm x 30.7mm CH, 79.0mm stroke,130.5mm rod,23mm pin,-19.3cc,398g,8.5CR, 4032 SUBARU WRX 2.5L STI, FORESTER, LEGACY

SKU 930285017
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The MAHLE PowerPak is a complete, race proven piston assembly kit composed of hand deburred, forged, performance coated pistons, high quality steel pins, round wire locks and low drag performance rings. Performance coatings include a phosphate dry lubricant that is used to protect against ring micro-welding and pin galling during initial startup and break in. For added performance, MAHLE applies its proprietary Grafal antifriction coating to each piston skirt. The MAHLE PowerPak is now available for most popular performance applications in a variety of bore, stroke and crown combinations. The PowerPak is bringing a new level of performance, ease of use and value to Sportsman level racing and performance enthusiasts.

This piston kit features PowerPak Plus forged piston assembly - Designed for the professional racer, these assemblies ultra strong, light weight, low drag, round wire locks and ultra flat low drag metric rings with a number of race proven advancements. The PowerPak Plus was developed to bring the professional racer a custom level piston at a shelf stocked price.


Bore size: 86.00mm

Stroke size: 88.0mm

Rod size: 150mm

Compression height: 34.7mm

Pin diameter: 22mm

Crown volume: -10cc

Weight: 318gms

Compression ratio: @47cc/9.0

Alloy composition: 4032

Performance ring set: 1.2, 1.2, 2.8mm

To suit Mitsubishi engine 4G63 DOHC Turbo 2.0L, further application information as follows.


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