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CNC Milling & Honning

CNC Milling & 4th Axis Machining

We can procure material for your component, manufacture it to your specifications, and assemble the component as required. Automotive parts that benefit from CNC machining include:

Powertrain components

Suspension components



Exhaust parts

Custom Performance Parts



This service consists of converting your EJ25 engine case short block to a closed deck block. The block is CNC machined to accept a billet block guard made out of 6061 T6 aluminum, precisely machined for a perfect and even press fit all around. This service also requires you to provide your Subaru 2.5L engine case halves.


  • Inspection of new or used EJ25 Subaru engine case
  • Machining of the aluminum inserts
  • CNC milling pockets into the short block
  • Installation of the block guard
Block Sleeve Fixing

Block Sleeve Fixing

We sleeve engines for a couple of reasons. The primary reason for sleeving an engineto either repair a cylinder bore or protect it from damage in the first place. Sleeves can also be used to restore a particular bore size if a cylinder has to be “bored out” to repair a cracked or otherwise damaged engine. CNC machining delivers unmatched precision, ensuring the block sleeve fits flawlessly.

Block Facing

Block Facing

Facing is a fundamental operation that can be done in two basic ways: facing on a lathe and facing on the milling machine. Milling and turning both involve removing material to produce parts with specific features. Facing is the process of removing material from the end and/or shoulder of a workpiece, using a special tool to produce a smooth surface perpendicular to the rotational axis of the workpiece.

Cylinder Block Honing

Cylinder Block Honing

Cylinder block honing is an intricate machining process that focuses on achieving an exact surface finish on the cylinder walls, significantly impacting engine performance and durability. Our honing machine allows us to provide precise and uniform surface finishing, reducing friction between the pistons and cylinder walls and optimizing the overall engine operation.

Advantages of Cylinder Block Honing

  • Precision Surface Finish
  • Enhanced Engine Efficiency
  • Increased Power and Torque
  • Extended Engine Lifespan
  • Emission Compliance
Cylinder Block Bore Polishing

Cylinder Block Bore Polishing

Unlock the full potential of your Subaru's engine with our specialized Subaru Cylinder Block Polishing service, performed with precision and expertise using a state-of-the-art honing machine. If you're a Subaru owner who values performance, efficiency, and longevity, this service is designed to enhance your driving experience and ensure your engine operates at its very best.

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